So today is the day I start work on what I hope will be a long and prosperous project. I have finally got my act together and shot my first video.

I decided I need to just get on with creating some quality content that included photos, video footage and some written text too. There’s going to be full length YouTube videos, blog posts accompanied by pictures and some shorter ‘Instagram style’ videos to keep the social media lot happy.

All the content I create will appear on my website first and foremost but I will try to link the relevant platforms (YouTube, Instagram etc…) so that everything is as connected as possible.


I decided to kick off the whole foody blog platform thing with a kimchi. It’s something I love to eat but have never made before and so I figured a little experiment would be a nice way to start the journey. I’ve also shot some photos from a simple Jackfruit stir fry I had for dinner which I will write up and have online soon.

In the meantime I am editing the Kimchi video whilst I await its fermentation and will have it up as soon as it’s all ready!

Thanks for reading as always